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Interview: Mariann Ami about Modelling

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A few months ago I had the pleasure to interview the beautiful Mariann Ami. We talked about her lingerie e-boutique - Vision of Femininity (read here). The young entrepreneur, who has also been modelling for the past year and a half, agreed to share her insider experiences and views on the profession. 

You’ve started modeling when you turned 18 years old. What are your thoughts on the profession after 18 months?

I think I've matured and obtained a lot of wisdom since I have been modelling. It's a wonderful life experience and I enjoy what I do. I guess I feel this is where I belong - in a creative industry. It's what I've imagined and matches my ambitions in life. I welcome challenges of having to work hard. I know hard work pays off.

Many girls start their modeling career as early as 13 years old or even younger. How early is too early in your opinion?

13 is very early to start modelling, however it depends on how mature you are at a young age and what your attitude is towards your future. I first decided modelling was for me when I was coming up 13 but I didn't develop the confidence until I was 18. It's rewarding to get into modelling at a young age, you need to spend several years learning about how the industry works and your role as a model. There's a lot of hard work that goes into it and it's all about continually improving. An outstanding portfolio is a never-ending goal. I know a lot of successful models started modelling typically from the age of 15-18 which is probably the best age to get into it. There are successful models who even start older than this, from ages 19-23, it's always gratifying to see that happen.
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