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Guest Post: 8 Things That Have Changed Men's Fashion

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion plays a distinctive role in our culture, men's clothing has been affected by outside factors for many years. In a way fashion is a social force a way of creating an identity. Certain subcultures have been created as a way of rebelling against society, groups of individuals mainly the younger generation have used fashion as a way of breaking away and expressing themselves.

When it comes to the fashion industry what's hot today is not tomorrow - but it is surprising the amount of trends are reused and reworked to suit modern trends. The fashion industry is ever changing however still to this day what men have worn in the past still impacts what they will wear in the future. Future trends will continue to be influenced by past fashion trends and we hate to say it but like your mum said, “everything comes back around” - because it really does! 
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