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Beauty: January 2014 Favorites

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Starting with January I will do my best to be consistent with sharing my beauty favorites each month. I am even thinking of making videos instead of articles but lets not get ahead of my self. Youtube seems like a very fun thing to do and I've wanted (and tried) to start a channel for a very long time but there's always something in the way of posting a video (like unruly hair that looks weird the whole time and I end up deleting the footage). As a friend of mine would say "pretty little kids problems." :)

On to the favorites. I have been traveling a lot this month so I found myself suing the basics that always work. The things I take with me on the road are the ones I know I really love and always go back to. 

1. The MUA Undressed palette contains all natural tones I might ever need and allows me to create so many different looks. I like that most of the colors are very warm and really suit my skin and hair. The quality and pigmentation of the shadows are absolutely great. When I tried it for the first time I was surprised to find such a versatile and affordable (because I don't like the word cheap) palette.
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