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A Guide to Christmas Magic: Give future to Mothers & Children with Ananda Soul Creations

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ananda Soil Creations Logo, created by Christina Zipperlen
Christmas is a time of magic, magic that pours out of our hearts to enchant the world. Miracles don't just occur out of thin air, we make them happen. You and I. Yes, you. You can change the world and make it a better place, you can create happiness and spread love every single day.

Christmas is a time of giving. This year you can give bliss not only to your loved ones and the people near you. You can reach out all the way to Indonesia and give mothers & children more than a material present, you can give them save childhood and brighter future. 

Ananda Soul Creations is breathtaking luxurious inspired by the spiritual practices of Bali, the yogic philosophy and the ancient traditions. Christina Zipperlen is the woman behind the designs, who also established the company. She chose yo support the Safe Childhood foundation and their work against Child Trafficking by donating 10% of the profit.She also created a workshop to empower women by helping them acquire new skills and receive a salary enabling them to take proper care of their children and send them to school. 

Give a beautiful piece of jewelry to someone you love and future to mothers and children in Indonesia. Isn't that what Christmas magic is all about?

Ananda Soul Creations founder Christina Zipperlen

Hello Christina, how did the story of Ananda Soul Creations begin?

Ananda Soul Creations is the result of combining all my passions, dreams and teachings. It feels like it created itself. It made complete sense why I had been drawing, painting & sculpting my whole life, why I had gone to school for marketing & graphic design, why I had studied yoga for years and my infatuation with gemstones – it was all a preparation for the creation of Ananda and I feel so blessed to be able to pour all my love & knowledge into the brand.
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