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The Wardrobe: Minty dress & Violet knits

Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter has arrived sharply and unconditionally. The city is covered with snow and the air tingles my cheeks, but I'm still holding on to my Autumn memories of warmth and beauty, of pumpkin spice and apple pies. On a day like that we took a walk in the park enjoying the sun, the colors and the absolute serenity.

Wearing color lifted my mood even higher. It's a trick that always works. Brights make my eyes sparkle with joy! Mixing the elegant dress with (almost) combat boots and slouchy hand-knitted accessories gave it a new carefree vibe. Looking at it with new eyes I felt as if I was wearing it for the first time.

Never hesitate to remix your wardrobe, play with your outfits. Often combinations that might seem absurd create unexpected and fun results once you dare to put the pieces together!

Personal style outfit featuring handmade mint full-skirt dress, hand-knitted violet scarf and hat, combat boots, polka dot tights, vintage white crop jacket and green leather purse. Make up by sleek vintage romance palette and antique blush

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