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The Beauty Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil | Hair

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coconut oil

People living in tropical coastal regions have been using coconut oil as a part of their beauty regime for hundreds of years. It most probably is the secret of their luscious hair and glowing, healthy skin. In the western part of the world the nature's miracle had negative connotations attached to it because it is very high in saturated acids. For that reason it was believed to be unhealthy and fattening. Only in the 1990s, after scientifically proven to be healthy and beneficial not only when consumed, but also when applied to the skin and hair, coconut oil became a cult, hyped ingredient in the food and cosmetic industry.

Coconut oil, thanks to its structure, is the only natural oil that penetrates the hair shaft and works its way through all the layers of the hair strand, reducing loss of protein, regaining the hair's natural moisture, and filling the hollow shafts, adding body and thickness. Working on a much deeper level, unlike other oils that remain on the surface of the hair and only benefit its appearance, coconut oil actually repairs damaged hair and boosts the scalp health. 
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