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DeBa BIO VITAL Freshness & Radiance (age: 18-25) Face Mask Review

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've always been fascinated by the beauty industry, but lately this interest and love for everything makeup and  skin care related has been turning into a full on obsession. Spending hours in Boots, Superdrug, The Body Shop, and of course You Tube has probably contributed for that. In addition the hard water where I live that constantly breaks out my sensitive, blemish-prone skin has turned careful skin care into a necessity. What I am trying to say is "Brace yourself, the beauty posts are coming" :))) I am even thinking of restarting my You Tube channel, but we'll see about that.  

Today I want to review a great Bulgarian face mask that I have been using for over a month now and I absolutely love! DeBa BIO VITAL Freshness & Radiance (age: 18-25) is a cleansing and hydrating mask for young skin.
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