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The Wardrobe: Black is the New White

Friday, June 29, 2012

I am all about prints and bright colors during the summertime. But rules are meant to be broken! As soon as I found the perfect black maxi in one of my favorite thrift stores I just couldn't help myself! Who says black is not a perfect color for the warm season? I officially rehabilitate it! It has so many advantages, like looking absolutely gorgeous on sun-kissed skin and making all the beautiful colorful accessories pop! If you ask me the black maxi is the new white mini! 

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The Wardrobe: The Fisher's Tower in Budapest

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey loves! Just as I promised you I was taking outfit pictures while I was in Budapest! I tried to create looks that fit my style and in the same time are comfortable enough to spend an entire day walking around in. Here's the first one which I couldn't wait to share with you, because this flamenco top is one of my favorite pieces I've ever created lately! The combination with the skirt creates an hour glass shape that I believe is the most feminine silhouette t!here can ever be!

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Inspirational Quote: The choice is yours

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey loves! One of the things I love most is reading and Harry Potter is definitely in my favorites list! It takes me to a magical world of adventures! It's also such a wise book promoting bravery, facing your fears and being the best you can be! 

No one can tell you who you are or what you can do! Only you can decide who you are and find the strength in yourself to become that person! Don't let your abilities now limit you, you can master anything! Don't let fear make you choose the easy way out, find the courage and make yourself proud!

Have a magical week!


The Wardrobe: Ulyana Sergeenko Inspired Dress

Friday, June 22, 2012

Being able to sew my own clothes gives me the freedom to create garments inspired by the world around me, by anything and everything I see, by the runway shows and of course by my favorite style icons. Turning a piece of fabric into clothing I've only seen in my imagination is giving me such joy and a feeling of accomplishment. Plus I don't need to spend hours lasting over something by Dolce & Gabbana or Prada, or wait for the brands I can afford to recreate the trend. As soon as a new project is born on my mind all I have to do is buy the materials I need and get my hands on it! Don't get me wrong, I love shopping more than you can even imagine, but I also love creating unique piece with my own hands!

This dress here was inspired by a woman that inspires me and influences my style more than any other - Ulyana Sergeenko! I loved her Sping/Summer collection so much that I couldn't help but recreate some of the dresses, refracting them trough my own vision and sense of style and giving them a little twist to make them my own!

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Wish List: My take on Festival Fashion

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's also coming to a start with the beginning of Summer is the fun festival season with its own fashion! Some ladies go for edgier, rock'n'roll, bold looks, but I like to keep the feeling of my girly style with a retro vibe and just give it a little twist. Skirts, dresses, loose tops, lots of florals and beautiful colors - I'm all about that! While going trough some festival pictures I noticed that this kind of outfits are rarely seen there, so as my mission with this blog is to inspire and be inspired I've partnered with one of my favorite online stores - Zalando - to create three different looks I'd wear to a festival, using pieces from their selection. Everything, from the clothes to the shoes you can find in their catalog on the festival  fashion page

It was so much fun fantasizing about going to a big festival, enjoying great music in the Summer sun and thinking about what I'd be wearing! I hope these outfit ideas give you us much inspiration as creating them gave me! So tell me, which one is your favorite and what's your festival style like?


The Wardrobe: The ultimate Summer Bags

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If you've visited my blog before maybe you know that many pieces in my wardrobe are created by the most talented designer I know - my mom! Everything I know about sewing I've learned from her. I wish I could knit as good as she does but I lack that kind of patience. Today I want to show you two beautiful Summer bags she's created! They're the perfect accessory to not just complement, but make an outfit! 

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The Wardrobe: Mix it up

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey loves! Today I am leaving for Budapest and I'm so excited to visit this amazing city for the first time with my family! Right now I am trying to pack and you cannot imagine what's going on in my head! It will be over 32 degrees  Celsius every day and we will be doing lots of walking as we want to see as much of the city as possible so I want to feel comfortable and in the same time I will be shooting outfits for you! I love taking outfit pictures at new, beautiful places and this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Before I get back to the suitcase I am leaving you with a look from quite sometime ago when the weather was more bearable! 

Lately I am all about prints and mixing them is so much fun! For this outfit I decided to stay in the classic black and white color scheme and make it pop with the fun scarf! Checks and polka dots were meant to be together! 

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Inspirational Quote: It's a wonderful life

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday! The greatest purpose everyone has is to be happy! Truth is we all have the tendency to think of happiness as a destination, we think that when when we reach a certain point, achieve a goal, win over a person everything will look brighter! Well may be happiness is actually the journey and we're the only ones responsible for the way we feel! If you set you mind to it happiness will come, you'll find it in the most unexpected little moments of beauty! 

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The Wardrobe: 1x3 Remix. Floral Shirt

Friday, June 15, 2012

For a girl it's essential to be able to wear the pieces she owns in different ensembles and styles. Recycling is not always easy but it's a way to make the same pieces look different every time you wear them. I've decided to start a new feature to show you how I create three different outfits all of which include one common piece. I won't be creating the looks especially for the feature, as always I will be taking pictures of what I normally wear during my days so the entries won't be as regular as the others. I hope this will help me look at my clothes with a new point of you and inspire you to make the most of your wardrobe!

Here're the first three outfits - casual, girly and elegant. The piece they have in common is one of my favorite shirts I bought from H&M! Florals always inspire me and I can wear them daily, so this loose, semi-sheer, colorful and fun top is one of the staples in my wardrobe!

Shirt: H&M / Jeans: Mango / Ballerinas: Nickels / Clutch & Sunnies: Primark 

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H&M x Maison Martin Margiela

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The news are out and it's official! The next H&M collaboration is going to be with no one else but Maison Martin Margiela! He will be designing both men and women clothing and  accessory pieces for the Autumn/Winter 2012 season! The exiting collection will hit 230 H&M stores around the world on November 15-th! Isn't this so exciting! I almost wish the fall to come!

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The Wardrobe: Colors in the rain

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey loves! Last week when I posted my lovely butterfly printed trench many of you asked me to feature it in an outfit post! I wore it on a grey, rainy Sunday and it did a great job boosting my mood and making my day more colorful and fun! Every girl needs a bright trench and a pink umbrella! I am also wearing one of my favorite dresses I've made and the purse I bought the last time when I was in Milan! This is so far definitely one of my favorite outfits!

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Inspirational Quote: Believe in yourself

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday! We all have moments of struggling, moments when we have to fight and our goals seem unreachable. But whenever you're about to give up just remember:

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Shoot of the week: Clair de Jour

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A feeling of luxury provoked by delicate sheer fabrics and the soft sun light coming trough the window. Natasha Poly delights the perfect calm and magical afternoon wearing fantastic pieces by Valentino, John Galliano, Oscar de la Renta and Dior. One of my favorite photographers - Mario Sorrenti - captures the enchanting moments for the June-July edition of Vogue Paris.

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New in The Wardrobe: Seeing butterflies

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey loves! Today I want to show you a trench coat that I got quite some time ago, but you've never seen before. It's so beautiful that I figured it deserves an entire post dedication! Lately I am all about bright colors and fun girly prints so when I saw this in my favorite thrift store I just had to have it no matter what! It's one of those perfect pieces you fall in love with it and don't have any doubts about taking home! 

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The Wardrobe: Florals always do

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I love wearing bright florals! They always boost my mood and make me feel so girly! To dress up this loose, colorful shirt I paired it with an elegant pencil skirt! The studded belt spiced everything up, e voilá!

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The Wardrobe: Cream

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Words fail to describe my love for lace, delicate semi-sheer fabrics and soft creamy colors, but this outfit says it all! 

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Inspirational Quote: Enjoy your life

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Monday, loves! Sometimes we all tend to forget to enjoy the life we're living, to pay attention to the little things that make it beautiful. Sometimes they feel meaningless, not enough or we just don't find the time in our fast forward busy days. But think of it! This life is a beautiful place and we're here once, so we better enjoy it now!

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New in The Wardrobe: Printed swimming suit

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey loves! The Summer is just around the corner and all I can think of are endless beaches, salty water, the hot sun on my skin and long careless days filled with joy! No matter the weather in my country has been horrible the last few weeks I am already prepared for fun in the sun and have a new swimming suit! It's the perfect printed one piece! I love the colors, I love the cut and most of all I love the detailing in the front! I envision it in combination with fabulous oversized bracelets and earrings and my gorgeous orange wedges! Sipping cocktails by the poolside would be more fashionable than ever! Thank you so much Bikiniworld for sending me this amazing piece!

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