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March 2012 - NYC

Monday, April 2, 2012

Suri & Katie stopped by a toy store - Make Meaning  in NYC on March 20th 2012.
 "Right away, Suri ran towards the toys – but this wasn't a shopping trip. Instead of treating her to new trinkets, the trio ended up on the second floor, not in a private room, painting ceramics. 
Suri went after "every color in the rainbow," says a source at Make Meaning, which offers up to 50 activities, including jewelry making. She even tried her hand at decorating mugs, ceramic unicorns and a dog bowl." reported by people
 later Ladies headed out to dinner at The ABC Kitchen. Suri was holding Madeline Tea Set Case.

1st outfit info: Fuchsia Silk Tiered Dress SS'12 by Holmes&Yang.
2nd outfit info: Heart Design PJs by Esme, Violet Suede Utility Coat SS'12 by Holmes&Yang and Silver Ballet Flats by Nordstrom.

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