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Inspirational Quote: Find your style

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey loves! Happy new week of spring! With everyday passing by my trip to Berlin is getting closer and closer and I am so very excited! Why am I going to Berlin? Well I am going to attend The HIVE Conference - the first European blogger conference! For more information go to there website: The Hive. Do let me know if I am going to see any of you there! I would be so glad if I do! 

So it's time for some inspiration to kick off the week! Today it's about fashion and style, to be more concrete, it's about how to find your own style. Reading and interview with Jenny Keen I was really impressed and inspired with her tips and couldn't wait to share them with you! 

Be yourself: The greatest fashion gift of the mature woman is being clear about who she is and what she likes. Make sure everything you wear has a flavor of who you are.
Enjoy freedom: Don't be a slave to trends, some shapes and colors will not suit you. Experiment with different options to see what best fits your shape and coloring.
Keep a balance: Embrace your individual flair,but utilize basics so as to not overdo a specific look.
Stray current: Dressing age appropriate does not mean old. Be inspired by new styles and fashion movements. Don't be afraid to change or re-invent your look.
Face first: When it comes to style, your face should come first. Focus on your hair and your glasses and everything else will fall into place.

Have an amazing week, sunny and successful! 


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