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The Wardrobe: Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey loves! I love IKEA! I don't just love it... I'm kind of obsessed... Ever since we have it in Sofia me and my mom go there at least once a month... or even more often! I feel like going there is always so much fun! Is that weird? Maybe it's a bit weird but anyways ... Here's an outfit I wore once we went there and this is actually my go to outfit when I don't have time to think about what to wear or just feel uninspired for some reason.

I'm wearing a Mango dress that I absolutely love and my rubber boots and huge bag that I got in the most magical place - Venice. Also the scarf is by Parfois, if you don't know the brand you should definitely check it out! They make accessories, shoes and purses and are just amazing, I absolutely love them! The knitted hat is of course handmade by my mom and you've seen it so many time but I cannot get tired of it!

What's you go to outfit when you're in a hurry?


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