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The Wardrobe: Cozy in Turquoise

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey loves! Lately it's been so cold around here you cannot imagine! Some people say it's boring dressing up in warm clothes but I don't think so! I actually love it! It gives me the opportunity to layer the pieces, to mix different fabrics and patterns, and of course to wear beautiful knits! You've probably noticed that many pieces I wear are handmade by my mom and some by me. This outfit is also entirely composed by my mom's designs!

I'm wearing one of my favorite colors - turquoise! The gorgeous skirt and knitted vest are made by my mom and the turtle neck is from Mango. The boots are Nickels and the purse is from Caprisa. You've seen me wearing this golden color necklace so many times already but I just love it! It's from H&M and the earrings that you can barely see in these pictures are from Six.

Check out the "What's in my bag" video I've uploaded on my Youtube channel if you're curious what I carry around with me all the time and don't forget  to subscribe! :)


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