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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 2011 - News
Suri Cruise Watches Katie Holmes on So You Think You Can Dance!

It was a pretty special night out – even for the 5-year-old who has everything.

On Wednesday night in Los Angeles, Suri Cruise attended the live performance finale of So You Think You Can Dance. 

While her mom Katie Holmes played guest judge on the show, Suri got her own royal treatment in the audience. 

Arriving with three other kids and two adults, Suri wore a black dress and her hair in a side braid, tied with a purple ribbon. But her most important accessory was a sign she proudly held up with her friends: "We Love You Katie." 
The feeling was mutual. Just before the show went live, Katie ran into the audience to hug Suri along with Tom and Connor Cruise, who sat with friends in a nearby row.

While the finalists performed, Suri nibbled on a gigantic cookie (despite a rule prohibiting food in the audience), kept a close eye on her mom, and danced in her seat to the music. 

During the commercial break between the first and second hour, Holmes again made her way back to Suri and hugged all the kids in her row, one of whom called her "Aunt Katie."

The winner of So You Think You Can Dance will be announced on Thursday's show. Perhaps Suri will make another night of it ...

reported by PEOPLE

>>there should be pictures... :(

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